Sunday, June 29, 2008

Think twice when you complain about your 'rough day'...

Think and appreciate what our troops deal with. As I was thinking about this, I received this e-mail from my dear friend who was in the path of the terrible storm the Philippines just experienced. This is what it reads:
Dear Lady D,
It is 11:58 PM now from where I am. The winds have subsided for the time being but the rain caused by the typhoon's tail end remains constant.
It has been 3 days of consistent rain pour and high winds because of the storm "FengShen".
This typhoon was unpredictable the same way Katrina was. PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronimical Services Administration), which is the national bureau responsible for weather forcasts detected that the initially projected path of the typhoon has changed when it was slowly moving on land. Instead of heading South West, it changed it's path toward the more populated North.

The typhoon, locally named as "Frank" headed straight for Manila and the provinces of the northern luzon area.

Due to the sudden change of the typhoon, it was too late for ships that had previously been allowed to sail to head for safety. At this point the news of a transport ship, the vessel "Princess of the Star" has flipped over with all 700 unaccounted for.

As for the cities and the provinces in the northern luzon. At this point it is already for sure that the damage is great. Local officials and the National goverment have yet to announce the actual figures of the extent as of this time.

Me and my family are safe. It is a good thing that the city of Antipolo of the Province of Rizal is elevated compared to the greater metro manila area. This has protected us from floods and kept our home safe and sound.

Electricity is back now. It returned around 3 hours ago. We are very fortunate that electricity is back after 1 day of total darkness. Water, Internet and other services are back.

Unfotunately this is not the case for many in the greater metro manila area and the provinces of northern Luzon. They may need to wait for the record high flood levels to subside which may take days and even weeks.

People now bond together and announce means of how we can help our countrymen. All goverment agencies along with philippine business establishments provide means of helping those affected by the typhoon. What most victims need now is water,canned food, clothes and rice.

Your country has also announced its support through its embassy in Manila. It has announced providing logistics and equipment support for the people missing of the sunken ship "Princess of the Sea". This help is greatly appreciated since we fear that there are people still trapped inside the remains of the ship as it sinks. If they are still alive, then they have been there for almost a day and I fear the worst for them.

With all that is happening I know reflect. It is sad that these events of nature has become so destructive. Is this normal? This is a question that I ask myself. Has it been like this even before I was born? Is this a sign that we human beings have reached a point where in our disregard for nature and the environment has reached its inconvenient reality and truth? It this is truly the case then I hope that the world wakes up.